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Villa in

The site for this single family residence offered the challenges of an unusual shape and a long narrow site. In order to connect the rear and front of the long house, the design involved creating an intimate court in between that is shared between the living, family and dining spaces. This is envisioned as the most engaging part of the house with large windows overlooking a water body and all the family spaces extending into it.


The double height spaces strategically capture views to the scenic hills on the outskirts, and despite the spaciousness of the house, make it a close knit entity by visually connecting all the levels. A column- free terrace with cantilevered roof opens out into the front garden area and is a prominent feature of the front façade. Use of local materials like sandstone, wood and custom made screens lend a familiar language to this contemporary design.

Location: Udaipur

Plot area: 9,600 square feet

Built-up area: 10,000 square feet

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